Benefit from our large pool of collected experience!

Our team looks back on decades of experience in the fields of design engineering, ship operation and maintenance and project management and leadership.

Due to an international network of engineers and specialists we can provide additional know-how.

Dr. Thorsten Quent

General Manager

Phone: +49 163 3225992
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Dr. Thorsten Quent is a Mechanical Engineer (hons.) founder & partner of Maritime Experts GmbH & Co. KG. Besides he is the CEO of

He draws on many years of hands-on experience in the maritime field. He has world-renowned expertise in the areas of kinematics hydraulics and automation.

His skills are:

  • Several years teaching activity at Ruhr-University Bochum
  • Developing
    • Cranes
    • Board equipment
    • Controls for sailing systems
    • CPP-controls
    • Steering gears
    • Trolling-gearbox-control
    • Helicopter lifts for mega yachts up to 162m
  • New built owner representative
    • RoRo ferry

Karsten Kalthoff

General Manager &
Chief Engineer Officer

Phone: +49 170 8135706
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Karsten Kalthoff holds a valid Unlimited Class 1 Merchant Marine Chief Engineer Officer Licenses and Ship Security Officer Licenses.

Decades of experience in various positions and vessels, i. e. as chief engineer / watch engineer on tall ships, cruise liners and mega yachts characterize his impressive career history.

His skills are:

  • Commissioning, sea trial, delivery, interim/relief engineer
  • New built, refit, project engineer/manager and owner representative
    • Mega yachts up to 145m
    • Navy vessels up to 140m
    • Authority & research vessels
    • Commercial vessels
    • RoRo ferry
  • Author of ships‘ handbook / system manuals

Andrea Kalthoff

Office Manager

Office: +49 4625 189847
Office: +49 170 9561788
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Andrea Kalthoff is a trained retail management assistant with international experience in the maritime field.

After many years in the radio and navigation industry, she has been with Maritime Experts GmbH & Co. KG from the very beginning.

She supports the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association on a voluntary basis.

Her skills are:

  • Administration support
  • Documentation
  • Translation
  • Human resources
  • Purchase orders & calculations
  • Customer service
  • Supplier contact